We weld all sizes of welded components for our customers.

Our offer as supplier for welded components includes the welding of large aggregates up to the precise welding of highly complex small parts.

The welded metal fabrication workshop carries out its activity in a hall of 6.000 sqm with overhead cranes up to 50 tons.

We offer you the highest precision – from simple welded parts up to very challenging welded designs.
Welding processes: MIG-MAG and WIG (TIG).
Welding in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
Authorized welders for all welding processes performed in the company.
Stress relieving treatment - Thermal or Vibrations.
Quality check of the welds: penetrating liquids, magnetic powders or ultrasonic tests, if needed.
Geometrical control on place with laser tracking.
bg2 image Welding Parts specialist for metal processing welding of welded components and welded assemblies is our core competence
welding services

Sandblasting is performed in an enclosure of 4.000 x 6.000 x 12.000 mm.

The Process of Welding

Within the welding process, we utilize both Synergic Pulse technology (work parameters are automatically set based on material thickness and wire type) and Double Pulse Code (the best method for welding aluminum and galvanized sheet metal).

Our equipment and the expertise of our specialists ensure an optimal welding process, guaranteeing the quality of the resulting products. For any further details, we invite you to contact us.